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How to Grow Your Food Blog in One Year

Towards the end of last Summer, I decided that it was time to really start growing A Bright Moment Blog into what I’ve been longing for it to become. My heart’s desire was to not only create delicious recipe inspired by the remarkable cultures I’ve experienced, but also to create a community that celebrates life inside and outside of the kitchen. Through lots of research and trial-error, here are some tips on How to Grow Your Food Blog in One Year to achieve your company dreams!

1) No man is an island!

It sounds a little cliché, right? Well, as my mother always told me, they’re cliché for a reason.

As with anything in life, it’s important to build a community around you with those that will support you, encourage you, correct you when you’ve made a mistake, and inspire you to keep pushing yourself.

For example, find fellow food bloggers – and most importantly, follow their journey and engage with them! Every post like, account follow, post share, etc. helps tremendously when it comes to the Instagram algorithm – so not only will you be creating your own community, but you will be supporting another food blogger simultaneously! It’s a win, win scenario!

2) Just be you!

It’s okay to search through Pinterest and Instagram to find boards/accounts that inspire you; however, if you ever find yourself copying their feed (recipes, lifestyle shots, edits, etc) or becoming envious of their level of “success” – please just unfollow them now.

You are this brilliant, creative, and unique human being on your own – and that will be the golden ticket in creating “successful” content. Create content that YOU are proud of, content that expresses who YOU are as a person. Also, remember that all good things come to those who wait.

Not going to lie over here, patience is something that doesn’t come very easy to me – but I’m learning that one year ago, I couldn’t even begin to handle all the work I am doing now. Plus, in the course of one year, I’ve learned so many new tricks of the trade through trial-and-error that have made be a better cook/photographer so that I can properly price my partnerships. So remember, flowers do not bloom without rain.

3) Study Photography Tricks

Investing in yourself means investing in your company, and sometimes you have to spend money to make money…

Whether you choose to take a paid course in food photography or decide to do a ton of research through Pinterest/YouTube on photography tricks/tips, make sure you are dedicating proper time to produce high quality content.

LOL – This is a MAJOR Before (2016 – for fun) and After (2021 – for blog) Food Photography Shot:

4) Post (Almost) Everyday

Try to be consistent by posting 3-5 times a week. If you’re just now beginning your blog, maybe start at the low end to ensure that you are only producing quality, clean content.

Being a freelance digital marketer, something I always tell my clients is that it is better to post nothing then to post low quality. Think about how you want to be represented to your audience and keep ALL your posts in line with that desired image. Maybe work ahead a few weekends to build up content that way you can slowly increase the amount of posts you make each week.

** Utilize all the social media / blog features you can each week! Post those Instagram reels and Facebook stories, tag your city and some brands you used in the recipe, add the poll feature on your story, etc. The more frequently you use a variety of features, the more your account will increase in the social media algorithm.

5) Connect with your Audience

This kinda goes back to tip #1 (build a community) and tip #2 (be yourself), because you want to be a real human behind the blog not a computer robot. Keep engaged with your audience – reply to their comments, build a connection with them, utilize the Instagram story features to encourage interactions with your account.

Similarly, show your beautiful face! Your audience loves to know who is behind those amazing recipes and long for a face to connect with.

6) Optimize SEO

When writing up your blogpost or adding social media hashtags, make sure you are using keywords that resonate with your target audience and your newly-posted recipe. If you’re ever stuck, just think about what you would normally search for.

In addition, try to optimize your blog’s website through tags, widgets, locations, etc. On social media, utilize the 50 characters in your handle’s bio to capture the attention of your target audience.

There are so many more tips I’d love to share with you all, but I will leave you with these Top 6 that I’ve found most helpful this year. If you like blogposts like these, let me know in the comments below!

And a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who are supporting me through every comment, share, like, and follow along this journey! I truly couldn’t do this without you all!! xxL

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