Garlic & Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia Box


feeds 8-12 people (9″x13″ total focaccia size that is cut into squares)

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feeds 8-12 people (9″x13″ total focaccia size that is cut into squares).

Made fresh by hand, from scratch, and with love. 

Made with a mixture of the best quality flours, risen naturally with our sourdough starter and fermented for 24hrs. Each slice is high in protein, beneficial for gut health, & provides rich antioxidants. 


Delicious when served with just about anything! For breakfast, make the most outstanding toasts. For lunch, make the most scrumptious sandwiches. Serve with soft, creamy cheeses for an Italian antipasto. 


Made-to-orders available for FREE DELIVERY in Forsyth County & Davidson County (North Carolina). Email for special exceptions.

Bread orders must be made by 10:00pm EST on Thursday for delivery on Saturday. You will be receiving your bread only hours after it has been taken fresh out of the oven.

Email for special exceptions or requests. We will try to accommodate as much as possible!


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