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Farmers Market to Family Gatherings: Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (HARDCOPY)

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A cookbook, with many delicious recipes, to replace butter with olive oil.

Lauren, the author, is featured on the cover of her first book as a teenager.  Her cookbook is filled with her own recipes, and her own photos of them. She gathered a few images of her local farmers market finds, and even one of a family fly fishing venture, before compiling it all into her cookbook.  Lauren said she hopes to bring each reader a little bright moment in life, and she wishes to encourage you to eat well for your health.  Please journey with Lauren through her refreshing, self-taught recipes, using 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a substitute for butter, even in her baked goods.

Conscience of health, Lauren began creating menus with wholesome ingredients.  When asked for the recipe, she would often say, “I just added a little of this and that”, until she was encouraged to start writing them down.  In this cookbook, she takes you on a journey through her local farmers markets by incorporating organic fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, spring greens, and local farm-raised meats.

Based in NC.

“I wish to take you on a journey from the mouth to the heart, satisfying your hunger and nourishing your soul.” – Lauren

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Note: In the Biscuit & Coconut Fried Chicken Recipe, it should be 1/3 cup Milk, but the nice part of that recipe is that there is not a definite amount of milk deemed necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience. 















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4 reviews for Farmers Market to Family Gatherings: Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (HARDCOPY)

  1. Karen

    Awesome!!! Seriously these recipes put me to work in the kitchen!! It’s so hard to find authentic olive oil, and even harder to find yummy recipes using olive oil!!

  2. Lori S.

    One of the best cookbooks I have found. All my favorite foods, except with healthier alternatives, plus foods I have never though of before but can’t wait to try out!!

  3. Tylia

    All the recipes look amazing, and perfect for everyone in my family! So hard to find good recipes that use olive oil in replacement for butter, so glad to have found this!

  4. Cynthia

    Where can you find a good cookbook that replaces butter with olive oil for a healthier alternative?! I needed this big time, and I have to say – I haven’t come across a recipe in this book that I don’t want to try. As I turned the pages, there weren’t just mouth watering recipes but also gorgeous photos that inspire me to get in the kitchen on a rainy day (or ANY day for that matter!). Thank you Lauren for creating something so original!! This is bound to become a new kitchen staple.

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