Farmers Market to Family Gatherings: Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EBOOK)

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A cookbook, with many delicious recipes, to replace butter with olive oil.

Lauren, the author, is featured on the cover of her first book as a teenager.  Her cookbook is filled with her own recipes, and her own photos of them. She gathered a few images of her local farmers market finds, and even one of a family fly fishing venture, before compiling it all into her cookbook.  Lauren said she hopes to bring each reader a little bright moment in life, and she wishes to encourage you to eat well for your health.  Please journey with Lauren through her refreshing, self-taught recipes, using 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a substitute for butter, even in her baked goods.

Conscience of health, Lauren began creating menus with wholesome ingredients.  When asked for the recipe, she would often say, “I just added a little of this and that”, until she was encouraged to start writing them down.  In this cookbook, she takes you on a journey through her local farmers markets by incorporating organic fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, spring greens, and local farm-raised meats.

Based in NC.

“I wish to take you on a journey from the mouth to the heart, satisfying your hunger and nourishing your soul.” – Lauren

Once you make your purchase, you will have access to download the cookbook. 

Note: In the Biscuit & Coconut Fried Chicken Recipe, it should be 1/3 cup Milk, but the nice part of that recipe is that there is not a definite amount of milk deemed necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
















2 reviews for Farmers Market to Family Gatherings: Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EBOOK)

  1. aubrey k.

    seriously awesome sauce

  2. Sarah

    One of the best cookbooks in my collection!!

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