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Who will fearlessly & boldly take a stand?

Here’s the thing, we will always have temptations surrounding us every moment of our lives. Whether it’s a physical temptation or a mental temptation, it will always be there. Maybe your physical temptation is the desire to go to a party, because that’s what all your friends are doing tonight. Maybe your mental temptation if the question of “what if?” “What if I was just noticed by him, or by this group of people?” And sometimes it’s easier to just give in, and not deal with the gossiping of others. . . .And that’s how easy it is to start slowly letting our guard down, as we slowly let small sins into our lives. For it is so much better to stay far away from any sin that may cause us to fall short in God’s eyes, than to “test-try” them out. Because let’s be honest, any sin is just like an addiction, it’s hard to break out of. Matthew 5:30 says, “And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” Trust me, I know that it will be hard to actually activate that verse into your lifestyle.


Did you know that one of the biggest reasons teenagers and college students drink alcohol is because they desire to be accepted and to belong? So now I have a question for you,  why can’t we start taking a stand? Because there is enough in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for everyone. There is enough love and forgiveness by God for everyone. Our God IS THAT BIG.


I am not saying that being a Christian means you won’t make mistakes, because we will. I am not saying that being a Christian will be easy, because it won’t be. But here’s what I am saying, that being a Christian will give your more fulfillment and more happiness that any liquid courage will give you. Being a Christian will give you an everlasting joy in life through your toughest trials, and bring you closer to your Almighty Creator, who will protect you and always be there for you.


I read this morning Zechariah 9:16, which says that “on that day the Lord their God will save them.” With the “day” meaning the day Christ gallantly comes back to earth. This earth is God’s battle, not a battle of men & women. The gossip people may snicker about you because you decided to boldly stand for Christ, the actions people may unjustly and unkindly display towards you because you fearlessly stood for Christ; that is God’s battle, not yours to worry about. God will bring justice to the ones who’ve done you wrong, so don’t carry the weight of their sins.


If just one person, someone exactly like you, decided to fearlessly & boldly take a stand for Christ where they are today, imagine how undefeatable they can be. By just taking a stance for our God, together we can be an unstoppable generation for Christ.


you got this.



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